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New York Airports

There are three main airports in New York where millions of people pass through each year:  JFK Airport, LaGuardia Airport, and Newark Airport. These New York airports have the highest traffic internationally and some of the domestic travel.

JFK Airport

John F. Kennedy is the 35th president of the United States and the airport was named after him. Annually it has above 46 million passengers and it is considered to be the busiest international airport in the world. It is located in one of the boroughs of New York, Queens. This Airport connects passengers who will travel to and from New York and connecting the flights to every major city globally. The Delta Airlines and American Airlines made JFK their international gateway and the home of Jetblue Airways.

S John F. Kennedy International Airport

JFK has 7 terminals with 151 gates and more than 70 operating airlines.

Here are your transportation options:

  • A taxi with a $45 flat fare to Manhattan plus tolls and tips. If you have luggage this is the best choice. It will take approximately an hour or so during rush hours.
  • An AirTrain is a public transport and a great choice if you have small luggage. It will cost you only $5 plus $2.25 for the subway;
  • A shared shuttle service is about $10 cheaper than taxi though it involves a lot of waiting and be driven around New York to wait for your turn to reach your destination.

LaGuardia Airport

It is also known as LGA. It is located in the borough of Queens and it’s the second major New York airport. Port Authority of New York operates LaGuardia Airport with 4 major terminals. Every day there are international and domestic flights in LGA and there are more than 24 million passengers yearly. This is where you will probably come through if you are to travel within the United States.

New Laguardia Tower

Using the free AirTrain inside the airport you can easily transfer from one terminal to the other. It operates 24 hours a day with 15 minutes intervals depending on the day.

Here are your transportation options:

  • A bus to Manhattan, this is the only public means of transportation;
  • Taxi, it will cost you $25-35 plus tolls and tips going  to Manhattan, it requires waiting a queue or the next unoccupied taxi;
  • A shared-ride shuttle just like at JFK airport.  

Newark Airport

Its name is Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) but no one calls it Newark Liberty. It handles more than 35 million passengers and more than 880,000 metric tons of cargo. It is still a major international and domestic airport. Three terminals are what they have and EWR is easier to navigate than the JFK Airport.

Newark Airport

Here are your transportation options:

  • A taxi which will cost you $50-60 plus toll and tips. Though it does not have New York yellow cabs that much, it is advised to make your travel itinerary ahead of time.

  • To take your stress away you should reserve a car in advance to get to your destination on time.

  • Airtrain plus train are also available as Newark is the only airport in New York with a train connection. The AirTrain will take you to EWR train station for $5.50 in 7 to 15 minutes.

  • Starting from the train station, take the NJ transit train going to New York Penn Station in Midtown Manhattan.

  • Lastly, you can take a shared-ride shuttle services just like in the other two airports.

JFK Plane Queue

If you are heading to Wall Street or the World Trade Center it is more convenient to land in EWR, also if you are going to the lower West side below the 33rd street or the area of New York Penn Station. It is closer to the city than any other New York airport but you can expect more modern facilities and it is less crowded.

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